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Four Social Media Tools I Use…

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Every once in a while, I get asked the question “who has time for social media?”. The answer to that is “nearly everyone”, you just have to use the right tools and manage your time . There are some great tools you can use to both get the information you’re […]

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Four Things Cryptomining Can Teach You About Ministry

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The people who have not heard of Cryptomining are in the majority, so lets begin here. To give a very simple definition, Cryptomining is using the processing power of your video card and/or CPU to solve complex algorithms in the attempt to uncover parts of digital currency. The algorithms both […]

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Digital Shadow.

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Everything you do online is, for the most part, permanent. Go back and re-read the previous sentence. People and companies are tracking what you do online. Usually it is not for your benefit or gain, its for theirs. Some are legally and ethically ok, others are not. This concept of […]