Four Things Cryptomining Can Teach You About Ministry


The people who have not heard of Cryptomining are in the majority, so lets begin here. To give a very simple definition, Cryptomining is using the processing power of your video card and/or CPU to solve complex algorithms in the attempt to uncover parts of digital currency. The algorithms both identify and protect the authenticity of that “coin”. Bitcoin is the crypto currency with the highest exchange rate at this time. What can this process teach us about ministry? Plenty. Here are four things to learn:

1. Sometimes, a large mining infrastructure ready to go, can produce great gains, but there is a large cost involved. We have some churches with the ability to mobilize large numbers of people to impact a community in a short amount of time. That is also a large expense in ” overhead”.

2. Some miners work with a smaller “everyday” pc, accumulating currency over time, and being ready to capitalize on timing and changes in the markets. Many smaller churches can operate on a lower overhead, allowing them to adjust quickly to changes in their communities. They also work to make a continual, consistent impact in the community, maybe even one family tree at a time.

3. If you are mining the wrong currency for your equipment, or the current market, it will cost you. We have many churches that are doing precisely this. They were built for another time with different goals than what their communities now reflect.

4. There are many factors beyond control of the individual miners. They often work together in “pools” to multiply their efforts. As Christians, this statement should define us, whether it is gathering to worship, supporting missions cooperatively, or banding together as churches to reach the neighborhoods in their community.

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