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Every once in a while, I get asked the question “who has time for ?”. The answer to that is “nearly everyone”, you just have to use the right tools and manage your time . There are some great tools you can use to both get the information you’re looking for without all the extra junk, and tools to get your info out without a lot of hassle. The tools I’m sharing with you today will help you in both areas.

1) Hootsuite – this is a tool I have used for many years. There is a free and a paid tier, depending on how much you need to manage. The strengths of are that it can schedule posts (the autoschedule feature is excellent), and it can post to multiple social media accounts at once.

2) Tweetjukebox – One of the “tricks” of a strong social media presence is the use of “evergreen” content. This is content that is timely if you use it now, or repeat it months or weeks from now. After you develop some of this content, how do you have it fill in places in your twitter feed scheduling? That is where .com comes in. You can feed it a list of tweets (or use some of their prebuilt lists of quotes, Bible verses, sayings, etc…) and set your schedule and turn it loose. There is a free version with limits, or a paid tier with a lot more functionality as well.

3) Flipboard is a tool I use for onsuming content tailored to the subjects and people I am following on social media. Some liken it to type of digital magazine. It has some great sharing features built in to the app. For example, I can share directly to Hootsuite, allowing the strengths of both apps.

4) Medium is a Web based “community” that allows for the sharing of ideas and content. It has some great built in features for migrating content from other articles you have written, for example. If you are planning to start blogging for the first time, this is a great platform to start with. It’s also a great tool to get more exposure for content you have already written.

So, there you have it. Here are four of the tools I use on a regular basis in Social media. What tools would you add to the list?
Please share yours in the comments area…

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