In my workshop at the 2018 RHMA conference, one of the examples I gave for the need to

network for ministry in your community is a windmill field. These things seem to be everywhere that it’s flat for more than 50 acres in the Midwest. If you drive across I-74 in Illinois, it looks that way. There are some lessons we can take from these pieces of wonderful technology as churches.

They have a purpose that is simple. They make electricity. That is their one job. Churches have one job as well. Make disciples that make disciples.

They are connected. It is rare that you see a standalone windmill. There are usually many in one place to multiply the benefit of the wind turning the turbines. Even when you have one that is all alone, it is still connected to the overall Electric power grid. There would be no benefit if it was not. We need each other.

They have distinctions. When you look at a field of windmills, you will see they are pointed in multiple directions to maximize wind coming from almost any angle or direction. God uses all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people. We have distinctions and diversity within the body, so God can use your congregation to reach the people in your community that He has uniquely equipped you to reach.

They rely on an external force to operate. Windmills are useless without the wind. Without the work of the Holy Spirit, the local church is just a social club.

Pastors and churches: Use this as encouragement to reach out to other churches in your area to multiply the impact of the Gospel. You need each other. We are better together!

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