What are you known for?

When I was in college, there was this Gas Station/Restaurant just west of Rolla, Missouri on I-44 we called the “Chicken Gas Station”. It was usually a welcome sight, as it was approximately the halfway point from St. Louis to the college I attended.

They advertised their “pan-fried chicken” far and wide in billboards, signs, and the picture in this post. They had built a reputation, based on what they did. I never ate there, but if you mentioned the name of the restaurant,  I would immediately reply with “pan-fried chicken” based on 7+ years of traveling past it and all the advertisements on I-44.

As a Church, what are you known for? Are you known in the community for being a loving group of people that would help anyone, anytime? Are you known as being an exclusive club? Are you known for your outreach into the community? Are you known for what God has done, or what your church members have done?

When people mention the name of your church, is their first reply Jesus? If not, it sounds like you have some work to do…

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