I got the Free iPad2! Update: You can get an Android Tablet….

Thanks so much to all that helped! My wife and kids are primarily using it as a Homeschool Educational Tool (I will be writing about that soon). It’s working out great!

For those of you who like proof, proof is here!

I would like to help you get an an Android (or Blackberry) Tablet. Here is the link. read The rest for the details.


Tablet Link:




This is not a scam, pyramid, or anything else of dubious nature. It is marketing, plain and simple…
Some of you may still be skeptical, but please read on. If you follow the steps, it works.
I’m not out to cheat anyone. I am a youth pastor, and this is a youth ministry blog that
has been in operation since 2008.

I’m working toward a free iPad2 as a bonus from a site called youripad4free.com.

So far I have gotten a 32GB iPod touch we gave away as a promotion in our youth ministry, and my iPhone 4 32GB made it!

A friend of mine in Minnesota tipped me off about it. It’s super easy. It is legit.

My friend Tim (also a youth pastor,… note the link to a student ministry blog)) in Minnesota has gotten a little over $10,000 in free stuff over the past few years. He is a Youth Pastor, and I trust him. If I had any worries about it or didn’t trust him, I would not be making this post.

The premise of the program is this: Big companies pay large dollars for potential new customers to try their services.

The best explanation I’ve seen was Tim Schmoyer’s at LifeInStudentministry.com:

How it works

1. Companies (like NetFlix, for example) are looking for new potential customers to try out their products and services.

2. NetFlix goes to the freebie company and says, “Hey, we’ll give you $80 for every customer you send our way to try out our online DVD rental service.”

3. So the freebie company comes to you and says, “If you try out NetFlix’s service and refer other people to try it through us, or one of our other advertising partner’s services, we’ll split the $80 with you for each person you recruit.”

4. You try out NetFlix’s service and get 6 other people to try it, too (or another product/service offered through the freebie company’s site) by giving your friends and family a special link that the site provides for you to share. (Of course, your friends can then get people to sign-up under their special link so they can work toward a free prize, too, but know that the people they refer have no benefit for you.)

5. After your 6 friends try a product or service, the freebie company says, “Thanks! We’ll give you $240 ($40/referral x 6 referrals) or an iPod Touch. Which do you want?”

6. About a week later, your prize shows up in the mail, or your money shows up in your PayPal account.

Here is the process: Create an account. Do one qualifying offer. 30 minutes tops. Done.

Not all the offers are created equal, not all would I recommend. Be wise in choosing.

I cannot tell you what offers to do, but here is what I did:

What I did was the offer from EQUIFAX. I normally get a free credit report about this time of year to make sure everything is in order anyway. Keep the service for at least 11 of the 30 days and try it.
Just remember, if you don’t want to pay for the service, call them and cancel DURING THE 30 DAY TRIAL PERIOD, or you WILL be billed. It was free and easy, and satisfied the requirements.

Now here’s your chance. Go get it and get one for you too…
You can do this. I have…

iPad 2 Link



Android Tablet Link:


Thanks in advance,


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