Last night, I found a surprise. Hackers from Indonesia broke into my FTP server and changed files around on most of the websites I host. Bummer.

I first thought it was an SQL Database Injection break-in. I was pleasantly surprised to find only one file had been changed in each folder.  It could have been so much worse. I thought I was going to have an extremely long night.

I am still picking up the pieces, but here are a few basic tips to pass on from my experience:

1. Use secure passwords. The name of your favorite cat is no longer an option. if it is in the dictionary, it was not a safe password 15 years ago, let alone today.  Numbers, letters, and non alpha-numeric characters.  Passwords changed frequently.

2.Make sure your plugins and addons are up to date.  If you don’t, it’s like a padlock on a screen door.

3. Keep your backups up-to-date.  Jesus saves, so should you.

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