Transitional Assistance…

So a former southern baptist youth pastor who works for a non-denominational parachurch

Bloomingdale Friends Church depicted in the 1874 county Atlas

ministry walks into a Quaker Church…

This is not the lead up to a really great “preacher joke”, this is life right now, and truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

When you follow God’s call, you don’t really get to choose where He calls you to serve.  One of the joys of my ministry serving rural churches and youthworkers for NNYM is filling in for rural and small church pastors who are out of town or need a break for health or other reasons. One of the more difficult tasks is assisting a church during a time of leadership transition.

This is where you find my family right now, in a small Quaker Church three miles from my house. It’s a congregationI know, as I have filled in for their previous pastor several times in the last couple years.

For the remainder of 2017, I will be serving the Bloomingdale Friends Church in Bloomingdale, Indiana as Transitional Pastor. I’ll be working with congregational leadership as they seek their next Senior Pastor. This church has served Parke County for 190 years, beginning in 1827. My prayer is that God will use my time of ministry there to help build upon a foundation that will enable the congregation to share the love of Christ with their community for many more years.

As we examine the ministries of the church and seek God through through this journey, Pray with us for the person God is calling to lead the church in its next season of ministry.

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