One more Super Bowl freebie

super bowl

Here on, we’re all about freebie resources.  We want to give you access to things that cost you nothing that can have a big impact on your youth ministry or an event you’re doing.  Today’s post qualifies under that category.

Yesterday, I posted a free video you can use for your halftime devotional during a Super Bowl party.  Today, I want to give you a quick and fun Super Bowl Quiz 2014 to help get the festivities underway.  I always give this quiz to my students as they walk in the door.  I also give a prize to the winner.

Some of the questions you’ll need to know the answer to (like when was the first Super Bowl played), while others just require close watching of the game (like who will score the first field goal).  That evens the playing field for those who know nothing about football.  In fact, I’ve given the exact same quiz every year (I just change some of the answers based on the teams playing).  I don’t even change the questions.  And every year, some non-football person wins the prize.  Some of the questions are that random.

Anyway, here’s the quiz for your enjoyment.  I’m pretty sure I got this from someone else and modified it.  It’s now yours to use.  Enjoy.

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