Ministry Idea: Lead the Cause University

Does your youth ministry have that “one kid”? No, not the one that make you think of creative uses for Duct Tape. The other “that one kid”. The one that uses every opportunity to share the Gospel, and point others to Christ. Maybe you are blessed with more than one of “that kid”. Great. This is for you and them…

Dare2Share is putting together a week-long discipleship and evangelism training for students and youth workers called Lead The Cause University. It is designed to give tools for students and youth workers to turn their town on its ear for the Cause of Christ.

You will be getting training in an intimate setting at Colorado Christian University with Greg Stier, Zane Black, Jason Petty (Propaganda) and others. I highly encourage you to look into it. I will be there with two of my leadership students. See you there!!

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