First Impressions: HTC One S

I have been blessed with an unexpected upgrade, due to some network issues with T-Mobile that I do not fully understand. The result was T-Mobile moving me from a Samsung Galaxy SII to an HTC One S.


The One S is a classy looking device, even if it does not sport the advanced finish of the International version. The fit and finish is great, the aluminum body is a departure from what most companies are using on “flagship” phones. It it’s a very thin, but substantial enough to hold.

The OS is solid. Android 4.0 with HTC Sense 4.0 is a workable combo. Coming from Samsung’s TouchWiz skin, it is refreshing. There are some changes, but not so many that you wonder where android went.

The hardware is fast. The Snapdragon S3 was fast in TMO’s Galaxy SII. But the new S4 chip is even faster. A typical quadrant score was in the 3500 range for the Galaxy SII. The One S was close to 5000!!

I have not had the unit long enough to test battery life. It seems to be at least as good as the SII.

Amazing is not enough to describe the camera. You can shoot stills and the same time!

Overall it is a great device. I highly recommend it.

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