Heard at #SYMC 14: Growing Theologically Minded Students with @chapclark

I had the opportunity this morning to sit in on Session 3 of Chap Clark’s track called “Growing SYMC1Theologically Minded Students. It was an excellent session with a lot of great research included and a lot of thought provoking statements. Below are a few of those great nuggets of wisdom:

At age 11-14 the greatest need is safety- they need people around them when they are on this rollercoaster of change that they don’t understand.  They need people around to be there, listen, love. They don’t understand and have a hard time articulating what they are going through

The kids that sound the most spiritual at 11-14 are not really coming from a deep place, they are regurgitating what they have been told in order keep them safe/make you like them…

When dealing with this stage, remember…”Body of an adult brain of a child”…

Girls that have a good relationship with their father hit puberty on average 6 months later than those with a strained relationship.

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