Heard at #SYMC – with @GregStier Deeper/Wider Track

Here are some great nuggets from a great Morning session:


You don’t meet a lot of “ex-Mormons” after the 2 year missions trip. At that point, they ‘own’ their faith.

Evangelism is not someone else’s responsibility,..its OURS

You have the RIGHT to evangelize.
we don’t have the right to be jerks.

there are ways not to evangelize….

You have the RESPONSIBILITY to evangelize

learn to add before you multiply

You have the REASON to evangelize

We need to shift from evangelism being a program to a lifestyle…

teenagers are your most effective outreach catalysts

Students ARE your outreach meeting

We have to shift from it being a result to a CAUSE

The “we’re not ready, we need more training” debate – How has that worked out for your adults in the church

Evangelism has to start with the work of the Holy Spirit.

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