Coming home from #symc today…..

Today is the last day of the #symc conference in Chicago. I have learned a lot, connected with some great people and been refreshed by those speaking, attending, and presenting. It is a well planned machine that produces a great experience.

I am sure I will hear some “can’t wait until next year” remarks and probably experience some of that myself. That would be missing the point a little. We need to be careful to focus on what this conference will result in a week, a month, six months, and other future points in our ministry.

What did we expereince that is going to change our style of leadership or administration or how we build relationships or some other aspect of our ministry? How is that going to look? What will be the desired effects on us and our ministry?

Those are the kind of questions to ask…
Attenders, what is your feedback on symc?

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