When teens are called to “save their friends”…

It is the Holy Spirit’s job. He has done a great one in redeeming our souls. We have been given a great gift that we should want to tell everyone we know about. It’s not unlike the homeless beggar that finds a huge source of food. If he’s not sharing that source with others, he’s being selfish.

However, we also have too many selfish Christians. We need to share the bread of life and the living water we have been given with others. I have been given much. I want to help the students realize that if they have received God’s salvation and grace, they have too.

Evangelism in a Student ministry can have many effects.
I encourage them to engage in evangelism to share what they have been given. It pushes them deeper in God’s word (enter discipleship)to answer their friends questions about Jesus. They then rejoice with each other when more come to Christ (worship) and pray for each other when persecution crops up (edification).

It is really a win/win situation.

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