#symc 2011 so far….

We are coming into day 3 of the Simply Youth Ministry Convention in Chicago. I am having an absolutely wonderful time. I have been blessed by the presenters, leaders,  and other people I’ve met here. I have had the chance to bless others with free stuff and talk to other youth pastors in different parts of the country. I treat it as a time of fellowship and equipping. I’ve received both. Here are a few general observations (feel free to add your own below):
– Friday Night’s general session was “finding the rare voice of Jesus in the midst of the common noise” led by Doug Fields. I really enjoyed that. They did some very cool media work during the course of that session.
– Louie Giglio did an excellent job challlenging us to build a culture of humility, honor, and Jesus.
– Ruth Haley Barton Challenged us to fight for time in God’s presence.

I also attended several workshops and panels, but at SYMC some of the most important converstaions can also happen outside the classroom or after the session is over in one-on-one conversations.

If you are at SYMC, I’m glad you’re here, if not, I hope to see you next year in Louisville!!!

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