A Holy Frustration?

thoughtA topic I’ve been wrestling with lately is one of priorities in the church. Not by leadership, but by members.

We serve the Creator of the Universe that desperately wants to have a personal relationship with us, but we seem to have forgotten, based upon our actions…

As the church in America, how do we allow ourselves to get to a place where we are serving a holy God our leftovers (ala Francis Chan)? We will take our children and teens to every sporting event of their/our chosen sport(s), but we somehow run out of time to participate in anything other than “Sunday Morning Church”. What would our churches look like if the Church had similar rules and requirements that other commitments in life had? What about requirements for financial involvement? What kind of attendance requirements would there be?

Would the churches in America be full or empty? At what point would Christians make the right choice of priorities? Have we just simply made it too easy? Have we unwittingly set up the Church of Laodiciea in Revelations 3?

However, at what point does it become legalism? Where does Grace play in all this?

As church leadership, what will it take to get our members to realize that they are sacrificing eternal blessings for temporal pleasures?

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Brent Lacy

Youth Pastor. Web Designer. Homeschool Dad. Former Child Abuse Investigator. IT Technician. Writer. Lock-in Survivor. Rural Ministry Advocate. These all describe the experiences and stories that are part of Brent Lacy’s time in ministry. Brent grew up on 160 acres of corn, soybeans and cattle in Southern Illinois. He is currently a Rural Ministry Specialist with National Network of Youth Ministry (NNYM), based in Rockville, Indiana where he lives with his beautiful wife and three awesome kids in the Covered Bridge Capital of the World! His book "Rural Youth Ministry: Thrive Where You're Planted" is available at SimplyYouthMinistry.com and on the Kindle Store.

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