4 Things to Look for at #SYMC2016


This weekend is the “reboot” of Simply Youth Ministry Conference in Chicago. Whether this is your first time here or you are an “old pro”, There are four things you should look for this weekend.

  1. Look for Jesus – Conferences are often disorienting. It’s easy to lose your way in choosing from all the great options here and miss the still small voice of Jesus, wanting to speak through a workshop presenter, main stage speaker, or even a conversation in passing with another youth worker. Look for Him and you will find Him.
  2. Look to be refreshed – In the hustle and bustle, please make sure that you take time to be refreshed. A nap on a sack chair, a casual lunch and walk with your spouse who came with you, a break from all that’s happening at home. It will all still be there when you return.
  3. Look to connect – While at SYMC, take a moment and go to the National Network of Youth Ministries booth. We would love to help connect you with other youth workers in your area that are seeking to reach teenagers together with message and hope of the Gospel. We cannot do this alone. We are better together.
  4. Look for help – There are two opportunities at SYMC that you shouldn’t miss. One is the shelter. It is your place to get help from youth workers that care about your well-being. The other is the Prayer Room. It is your place to cry out to God for the teenagers in your ministry, your community, the families in your church, your family. It’s where you meet with the creator of the universe that cares for you. He’s here and He’s listening.

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