The Purpose of Youth Ministry…

woman-at-wellYesterday, I attended my mom’s church in Southern Illinois. The Pastor gave a message based on John 4, the woman at the well. One of the statements that the pastor made summed up the passage well, but also encapsulated what we should be modeling as youth workers:

“Jesus knew everything the woman had done, everything she was going to do. He knew she had a reputation. But he still loved her anyway.”

This is what we should model as youth workers.

Many times, we know the reputations of students that come through the doors of our churches (especially in a small town/rural environment). We are to love like Jesus, loving them, despite what they have done. We are to look to the finished product. God is not finished writing their story. Just like the woman at the well, Jesus can still change people’s hearts today.

Our job as youth workers is to do as the woman at the well did, to invite others to meet Jesus.  We cannot forget that. Ever.


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