Two Weeks in with Blackberry OS6

Blackberry is dropping some serious ad dollars to drive sales of the Torch/9800. The 9780 launched this week on TMobile. As of November 24th, those are the ways to officially get BBOS 6. Unofficially, there are a number of devices running OS6, including my trusty 9700.

My thoughts:
My experience has been very good on the 9700 so far. I understand I am running a leaked OS build that might not have all the bugs worked out (it doesn’t, but more on that in a bit), and it might not have all the features supported by my carrier. Given that caveat, I couldn’t really ask for much more.

The performance seems to actually be  better than what I experienced with OS5. Battery life is much improved. The Camera interface is much more intuitive. The Second leak fixed a very annoying SMS/MMS Bug. The WordPress app is a little more finicky, but overall, it is a vast improvement for an already solid OS.

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