Top Ten Tips for Budgeting for Technology in Youth Ministry….

It’s that time of year. Finance Committee meetings, turning in and modifying budgets, oh my! Did you budget for replacing aging technology that you use in ministry that is either out of date or simply worn out? Or maybe you put in the budget something to take a step forward in teaching students spiritual and Biblical truth using the tools that technology offers. I’d love to share some tips that I have learned from experience.

Top 10 tips in budgeting for technology in Youth Ministry:

10. Remember, things wear out and break. Don’t budget for something you cant afford to replace or maintain.

9. Technology culture is different in different parts of the country (and world). “If it worked there… ” is a never a good enough reason.

8. Make sure you understand what you’re budgeting for enough to be able to explain it to someone who is completely techno-phobic in 30 seconds or less.

7. Before it hits your budget, research, ask lots of questions, and compare pricing. Be a good Steward.

6. Fads, trends, and iStuff do not always equal necessities…

5. For large projects and purchases, look for ways to spread the funding over a longer period of time. Your treasurer will love you for it.

4. Always ask the question “How does this directly impact teaching Biblical truth to students?”

3. “Refurbished” isn’t always a dirty word. However, “Extended Service Plan” is an ugly phrase.

2. Always plan for the learning curve new or added technology is going to present in time to learn and train volunteers and students.

1. You can be “too careful” and miss it. The crazy thing about Youth Ministry is that you sometimes have to jump out there and say, “we are going to try this and pray that it is successful for building God’s Kingdom”. Sometimes you will be right, sometimes you won’t.


Added Bonus:

Here is a way to help fund some of that technology budgeting….

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