Top 10 Android Apps for Ministry….

Shortly after iOS 5 came out, I made the jump back to Android for my daily use device (Long Story) and went to work.
Here are some of the Apps I use in ministry on a daily basis in the ministry at FBC:

10. Google Docs (Free) – With every update, Google improves what you can do on your Docs with an android phone or tablet…

9. QuickOffice ($) – Works great to open attachments, including PDF files

8. Google Reader (free) – This is a great way to follow and categorize RSS feeds.

7. Evernote (free) – I use this to catalog, organize, and share ideas.

6. B&N Nook/Amazon Kindle (free) – I have a Nook (am working on replacing it with an iPad2), and these apps work reasonably well to catch up on reading while in waiting rooms, etc…

5. WordPress (free) – I use this to maintain several sites and blogs. It improves with each update.

4. CloudPrint (free) – This is a great app to implement Google CloudPrint from your phone or tablet.

3. GrooveIP ($) – I use this to make free calls over wifi or 3G using Google Voice, making it a reality to lower the minutes on my voice plan.
If you use 3G, it does use the data on your plan. It can even integrate into your dialer.

2. Document Scanner ($) – Smartphone cameras have finally gotten to the quality to enable the camera to capture photos as PDF Documents. It works well

1. Bible (YouVersion) (free) – How can I not put the Bible first? But really, YouVersion is the best Bible App I have used in many years of smartphone use…


What are ones that you use that are not on the list?



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