Top Ten Excuses Every Youth Group Student Makes

This post is in response to Life in Student Ministry’s 100 Blog Topics I hope You Write #87

Top 10 Excuses Every Youth Group Student Makes:

#10. I want to look different, just like everyone else.

#9.  I’m too busy with all the other stuff I’m doing

#8. I don’t read the Bible because I don’t understand it (but yet can’t understand it because I don’t read it…)

#7. The _____________service is too boring/wild/loud/quiet/deep/shallow/_________, so I stay home.

#6. None of my friends will be there — Well have you invited them? —–No….

#5. I’ll learn the Bible when I get older.

#4. People will think I’m wierd

#3. I might get beat up (honestly had a  6′ tall 200+ lb HS Senior tell me that once….)

#2. I don’t know how to share the gospel

#1. My salvation is dependent on grace, so any good works i do don’t really matter. (with no answer for James 2:20…)

I’d love to hear your list…

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Excuses Every Youth Group Student Makes

  1. Heard it a lot from my middle school students, but it kinda shocked me to hear it from a rather large HS Senior…

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