The Kaskaskia Dragon and Youth Ministry…


One of the interesting things about my new position with NNYM is that I get to see some really wild things that are off the beaten path. One of these gems is the Kaskaskia Dragon. It is located off US 40 in Vandalia, Illinois.

According to Roadside America, this creation was originally built for parades, but found a permanent home near Highway 40. It is plumbed with propane, for a dollar, breathes fire and is apparently quite the sight after dark.
It is a “people who know, go” attraction.

This speaks much for youth ministry. I am not talking gimmicks. I am posing the question “What does your ministry excel at?”… The Kaskaskia Dragon does not try to be the St Louis Arch (even though there is a replica across town).

Find the thing your ministry does well, and build on it. Then, you have flexibility to partner with other ministries that do well where you need help. This is the picture of a body working together that Paul paints in the New Testament. We would do well to revisit that today.

Don’t try to be a ministry you are not.

We are better Together.

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