The Case for Connected Ministry…

Technology is everywhere. No matter how much you fight it, it’s here. Students are slammed with information overload every day. Thousands of media messages every day. They are using laptops and iPods as part of their school learning experiences. Students are being conditioned to receive information in smaller bites at faster speeds than ever before (see the success of twitter and facebook if you question this..).

As a Youth Pastor and IT professional, I see where this is headed. We have a choice in ministry – adapt our methods (yes, even in the rural/small churches) to “speak their language” for the purpose of sharing the gospel, or be left out in the cold as a relic of a bygone generation (8-tracks, anyone?)

This transition is going to hurt in some churches (whether financially or in other ways). For some, it may be a natural transition. It is going to be a painful jump.

This is the first of a few articles on Technology use and practice in Youth Ministry. The next article will be on the “how” of a Connected Student Ministry.

What are your thoughts about using Techology in Youth Ministry? Success stories? Dismal mistakes? Let us know.

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