As I am sitting in my office I am reminded of how much technology has changed since I myself was in youth group. The scary part? That was not that long ago! I’ll never forget getting a pager when I was in youth group and I thought I was the man! I’m in my office at the church right now, wait on VBS to wrap up so I can have a daddy/daughter day on my day off from my ‘other’ job. I decided to write a bit on a book idea I am working on. All I hear is BUZZ BUZZ every minute or so. From my email on my phone.

Now this is all my fault because I can turn the do not disturb feature on, I can set the email notifications to not buzz, etc. I just forget to. I love technology! I’ll probably write a cool post on how awesome it is that my iPhone, iPad, and Mac Book can all sync together. How I have access to my you ministry and personal calendars anywhere. How at the touch of a button on any device I have access to decades of youth ministry knowledge.

It is pretty cool to unplug and take a step back occasionally. What are some situations in which you should unplug?

1: Date night! I usually put the do not disturb feature on on my phone during my date night with my wife. It’s to show her that I committed to be here and be with you during this time.

2: During conversations or service! There is nothing more annoying that trying to talk to someone who will not give you their full attention. I do this for a living at my other job. Wether it’s communicating to your senior pastor, a student, or even the waitress at the local grub joint. When you are on your phone instead of being fully engaged in conversation you are communicating to the other person that they are not worth your time.

3: During quiet time! This goes without saying! For the same reason as number 2. If you check your phone during your quiet time, your are telling God He is not as important as your earthly concerns.

There are plenty more. I have a pet peeve about driving and talking on the phone, unless your Leroy Gibbs and it’s the president with a important assignment then it can wait until your stopped. So the list isn’t exhaustive but it’s just a few thoughts on technology. Thanks for reading and until next time!

Just Keep Swimming!

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