A Tablet for Free/Cheap? How? Update: 8/7/12

This is the next in a series of “free stuff” posts. I will answer the most obvious question first – Yes they do work, if you are careful and follow the terms and conditions of the offer. Now that I have cleared that up, let’s move on…

I am looking to get one of these. (Google Nexus 7) to replace my original nook. I would prefer to do it with as little out of pocket as possible (I did an iPad 2 and accessories for less than $50 out of pocket this way, so pay close attention!)

I made an account with YourFreeTabletPC.com. The short version of how this works is that you do one trial offer (Free or Cheap) and get a few friends to complete an offer, they get paid by the advertisers, you get your reward (gift card or tablet) – and everyone is happy. I have a more detailed explanation here

It is legit.

They have paid out for me 3 times already (iPod Touch, iPhone 4, and iPad 2).

The iPad2 was really a blessing. My wife and kids are making great use of it in homeschooling . I am amazed what is now available to them on a slab of glass, aluminum and silicon.

If you want to know more about how this works or have questions, visit the explanation, comment below, or click here to get started!

You can watch my progress below…


Update 8/7/12: They have added some new rewards and offers. There are some new tablets available, like the Google Nexus 7, The Asus TF700t (Transformer Infinity) and the Samsung  Galaxy Tab 2. Check it out…

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