#symc notes – making the most of tech in ministry – Brandon Early

notes and resources:

Xclip – great tool for iPads. Teaching tool that you can use with an iPad.
Woot.com – good deals every day

Apple tv + iPad 2 = really cool screen mirroring stuff… Airplay mirroring That you can use.

Iprizewheel app for iPad
Zen point.org jukebox software

Catalyst Filter – quarterly leadership pack. Online articles, video training, and discount codes. $99/year

Cuponk – strategy game for challenges.
Portable scrabble, Yahtzee, Simon says, etc.

Zagg.com – mobile accessories.

Digitalstache.com – spin that wheel $25 app
Igniter media – coupon code symc2012 20% off in March

Things to take on a retreat
1 xclip
2 Panasonic digital cameras
3. Guitar pic maker – pickpunch.com
If you buy user Symcfreelargesandingblock in notes if you were at symc
4. Hand presso – portable espresso maker from importica
5. Printer. Portable one
6. ITV – Mac or pc to television plus powered antenna also has dvr function
Quickshot app – iPhone/iPad 1.99
(or upload to dropbox ) use with crowdcontrolgames.com – Head Games
3 modes :singles mode , logo mode, team mode
Group everyday youth ministries book.

Crowdcontrolgames.com one arm two arm none -$25
Roadrace New version in beta

Shocking hot potato
Lightning reaction

iPhone apps
Attendance app iOS -.99 app
Receipts pro. iOS
Image blender- merges two images. $1.99
Clips – .99 app on sale for normally 2.99
Library of video illustrations with discussion starters

Boxwave styra stylus for iPad -$23 pen/rubber stylus

Free Graphic resources:
Stufficanuse.com –> free stuff
Vintage church.cc

It takes a video designer:
3 hours per second of video design

Bible apps:
you version
Logos iPad app

groupon for churches

Squareup.com – can take credit cards with 3% charge

Remote control

Pinnacle studiohd – smart movie that edits video with music
Animoto.com – free account for non-profits slideshows regularly $300/year that allows downloads

Dexim portable iPhone battery

Free countdown clocks
List of notes

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