#SYMC Notes – Blocking and Tackling (Foundations)…

Dan Webster and Tony Schwartz

What would you do in the 1st 90 Days?
– Be careful with Change
– Listen, build relationships
– power structure
– longevity
– values of the leadership

The Super Bowl
2 weeks of hype even before the game..
hype vs. the real game…

when the game started, it came down to the basics, blocking and tackling.

Dan Blanchard – Leadership/Management development

Things from 40 years of Student Ministry – Dan Webster
– many years ago, a generation of Youth Ministry has been neutered.
– times have changed, but what is the core? A man or a woman that has been screwed up in the best kind of way by Christ
– Only Jesus can fill the void in your life.

Element 1 – Leading from Quiet
Element 1 – Lead from Quiet
1 Timothy 4:16
– You feel free
– your creativity changes
– you are not as rushed
– quiet confidence
– it looks strange to others (it may be mistaken for being lazy)
– leading from quiet allows you to relax, and kids can sense that…

Why did Jesus have a private worship life?
Mk 1:21 – direction
Matt 14:1-13 – tragedy John Beheaded
Matt 14:14-23 – Feeding 5000, victory
Mk. 6:30-31 – rest
Lk 10:38-42 – Mary and Martha
Lk 6:12-16 – Choosing the disciples
Lk 5:12-16 – Jesus was praying alone
Lk 9:18 – while he was praying alone the disciples asked
Jn 12:27 – departed and hid himself
Jn 6:1-15 – slipped away, they wanted to make Him king
Lk 22:39 – He sweat blood..

It seems that Jesus had a ‘go to place’ to get alone

2 Critical responsibilities:
# 1 Leading yourself
# 2 Lead my ministry
– How do I keep my arms around my ministry…. What is God doing, saying, so that God can do what He can do.

Self care is not self-centeredness!
Doing the work of God can destroy the work of God in you…

My Heart – Slowing down your mind, so you can let God work on your heart

“the monkeys in your mind” – Henry Nouwen
Take the monkeys and write them down so you can deal with them later, you may find that it is really stuff you need to re-prioritize and do that day

Genesis 19:27 – Abraham stood before the Lord

The people we lead, assume that we walk with God. Do we?
Is our authority based on being hired to a position, or based on the Holy Spirit working in our lives?

Psalm 138:3
What Happened, What’s Coming Up, What questions need answering?
– What are the right next things to do?

Best Practices:

Own Your Schedule! – Use Your Flexibility
Open your life to inspiration – build in things that make you slow down.
Refreshing yourself with your mission – be around lost people build relationships
Discipline your prayer life – make places to pray, watch for groups of people to pray for.
June Days – meetings to create calendar, from the context of quiet. remembering good stuff
Edwin Moses – what are hurdles that we need to leap next year
Seasonal Personal Retreats – How often do you get alone? Even a few hours with you and God…
Thinking about people – loving on people
Pause/Life Plans – Personal Retreats. 2-3 days, getting help to look where you are headed
Conferences – like SYMC
– 1 on 1’s with your Evangelists (the students that are sharing)

Element 2 – Build your Dream Team
Element 3 – Deepen and Develop Kids

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