Super Bowl Party Video


A few weeks ago I mentioned the idea of a Super Bowl party as a cost-effective event for your youth group.  Simply show the big game, commercials and all, and at halftime present a Gospel message.  In the past, I have written my own lesson.  This year, I’ve been looking for a possible alternative.

Thanks to a youth ministry friend named Marc McLean (currently serving in Arizona), I have found a video that might just work.

In this video, four players from the Seattle Seahawks and one of their assistant coaches are interviewed about their faith in Christ.  They all come from different backgrounds, ethnicities and parts of the country, but they all have Christ in common.

In total, the video plays for about 20 minutes.  Super Bowl halftime shows usually last about 30 minutes so that leaves plenty of time for a Gospel presentation without anyone missing game action (or commercials).  Personally, I plan on having a student share their personal testimony and offer a Gospel presentation.  It empowers a student to share Christ, plus it lets students see someone their age identify with Jesus.

So, if you’re looking for a Super Bowl halftime video or idea, this might just do the trick.  The Gospel is clearly presented and it features players (and a coach) from one of the two Super Bowl playing teams.  On the link, it provides instructions on how to use or download the video, including how to transfer it to a DVD.

And yes, it is all completely free and available for your use.

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