Simply Living in Rural Ministry: Lunchmeat


One of the things that can be a challenge in Rural Ministry is living on a budget. While there are some things that are cheaper in a rural community (like housing), there are other things that can be far more expensive, like groceries. Here is an example:

I will start by giving credit to my wife for this brilliant idea. The “sale price” for ham lunchmeat at our local grocer was $5.69 per pound.  That is some expensive ham. My wife noticed that this same store had boneless ham on sale for $1.99 per pound. She grabbed an 8-pound ham, took it back to the meat counter, and asked them to slice it for her. They gladly did so. We took it home and vacuum-packed it with our foodsaver in 1 pound packages and placed it in the freezer for when we next need lunchmeat. We did the math, and this brought the lunchmeat down to about 28 cents per serving. A little planning can save you a lot. Here’s to a new year of using all of what God’s given you to its fullest!

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