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One of the things that can be a challenge in Rural Ministry is living on a budget. While there are some things that are cheaper in a rural community (like housing), there are other things that can be far more expensive, like groceries. Here is an example:

I will start by giving credit to my wife for this brilliant idea. The “sale price” for ham lunchmeat at our local grocer was $5.69 per pound.  That is some expensive ham. My wife noticed that this same store had boneless ham on sale for $1.99 per pound. She grabbed an 8-pound ham, took it back to the meat counter, and asked them to slice it for her. They gladly did so. We took it home and vacuum-packed it with our foodsaver in 1 pound packages and placed it in the freezer for when we next need lunchmeat. We did the math, and this brought the lunchmeat down to about 28 cents per serving. A little planning can save you a lot. Here’s to a new year of using all of what God’s given you to its fullest!

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Brent Lacy

Youth Pastor. Web Designer. Homeschool Dad. Former Child Abuse Investigator. IT Technician. Writer. Lock-in Survivor. Rural Ministry Advocate. These all describe the experiences and stories that are part of Brent Lacy’s time in ministry. Brent grew up on 160 acres of corn, soybeans and cattle in Southern Illinois. He is currently a Rural Ministry Specialist with National Network of Youth Ministry (NNYM), based in Rockville, Indiana where he lives with his beautiful wife and three awesome kids in the Covered Bridge Capital of the World! His book "Rural Youth Ministry: Thrive Where You're Planted" is available at and on the Kindle Store.

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