Back to the Future…

Happy New Year! 2014, who would have knew? I figured, after watching Back to the Future, when I was a kid by 2014 we would have hover boards and dehydrated pizza by now! And where is my self-drying jacket?? Another New Year means looking ahead, looking at the future if you will. What are your resolutions for your youth ministry this year? I want to let you in on a few of mine.

1: I want to have more fun with my students this year.

Last year really felt like all business to me. It’s not that I didn’t have fun with my students, but it seemed like I spent A LOT of time intentionally making every environment and event that we did into a lesson. For some reason, last year, I equated every time there was a lesson; Jesus was in the event. I forget that Jesus can be present even without a lesson. We took steps last year to cut down on our step up time and tear down time to aid in our relational time. We are also planning more just fun events.

2: I want to be more involved on campus.

I am at a disadvantage when it comes to on campus events like games, concerts, and competitions. Living 20 minutes away from my church and the local school, being a part time youth worker, father of two, husband, full time college student, and full time store manager does not lend it self to a lot of free time to find my way onto campus. I need to set aside time to go to a game, to listen to the band, and to eat lunch with my students.

3: I need to focus on me.

While I wouldn’t say that I’m having a dry year spiritually, I do see signs that the desert is ahead. I can see the signs that I’m hitting a dry stretch. I’m irritable, I’m short, and I’m stressed. These are sure signs to me that I need to move closer to the Oasis that is Jesus. I’m having good quiet times so that’s not it. I’m the type of person that needs variety. I need to change my quiet time up. Introduce some things that vary the routine. Instead of sitting alone in my car before work reading my Bible, maybe I take a day and just listen to a worship CD or sign along. Maybe I take a day a week to work through a devotional.

Take some time this New Year and think about what things you need to change or maintain in your ministry. Happy New Year and until next time!

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