Show me your friends…

…And I’ll show you your future.
This is a quote that has floated around our church for many years from the previous Pastor. As I work with teenagers in rural settings, it bears true more often than I want to see. The other night I ran into a student that goes to our church occasionally. As a 4th grader,he could not wait to get to the youth department. In 6th, it was almost more than he could take. Finally, the summer before 7th grade, he was allowed to be part of the group (we promote in June). He did great over the summer, and then school started. He took cues from an older brother that had already “disconnected himself” from the youth group and chose a group of friends that were not following a Christ-honoring lifestyle. The younger brother still comes to youth group every so often, knows the “right answers” but you can kinda tell the heart is not backing the words. You can look at the rest of the week and tell that. Its a quick and easy drift from where God wants us to go, to where we want to be. Seek out friends that will challenge you to follow Christ.

This old quote or proverb begs the question to all of us. Who are your friends? Are they leading you? Are you leading them? Where are you going? I challenge you this week to examine your friendships and see where they are taking you.

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