Shin Guards


This David and Golaith book is one of the favorites in my house. It especially intrigues my middle son (Who is named David). We were looking at this picture the other day, and out of the blue, David (who is almost 6) asks – “Hey, those are shin guards like I wear in soccer….Did Goliath play soccer?”

That got me wondering. I started thinking and we know that can be dangerous….

Are there things that we do in our churches in 2012 that make others completely confused? Yes. Are there things we do that make others (outside the bubble) think something completely unrelated? Yes.

Those were certainly easy. Next question – How can we make a lower “learning curve” so that all who enter our doors can clearly see and understand the Gospel?  This is the $64,000 question. See, even dated colloquialisms can lower our effectiveness in communication of the Gospel. How do we fix it?

1. We must be intentional. It’s really rare that you hear a person say “that church member bumbled around and mumbled and stumbled, and it just made me want to know more about Christ”

2. We must be clear. Jesus plus nothing. Got it?

3. We must be unafraid. We must be willing to speak up when the Spirit says, and shut up when He says be quiet. That means sometimes taking a stand. That never means being a jerk.

I think that if we can start there as a community of believers, we will start to see gains for the Kingdom of Christ.

What do you think? Comment below…

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