Seven Days of Homeschooling Seven: Who?

Most of our school years are well under way. The dust has settled, routines are becoming comfortable and some of the kinks are beginning to need some working out. This is the time of year that I begin to re-evaluate and look to other blogs and pintrest for inspiration to revive my homeschool year. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for a good old homeschooling series! Being that this blog is new I thought I’d introduce my school! We have seven children, five of which I am formally homeschooling.

Rainbow Dash
age 12
7th Grade
Favorite Subject: Reading and Art
Age 10
grade 5
Favorite Subject: Math and Science
Age 8
Grade 3
Favorite Subject: Handwriting
Super Man
Age 6
Grade 1
Favorite Subject:  Science

Pinky Pie
Age 4
Grade K
Favorite Subject: School!

Iron Man
Age 3
Age 1
Teacher and Principle

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