Exploration to 1850 Weeks 3-12

I had every intention of adding to this blog weekly about our school adventures. The last 10 weeks have been a whirlwind….

We went to Pioneer Days and learned about Indians, the Civil War and life 100 years ago.
We had Holy Spirit Week with a Mustache Day..
 Lily and Jadon went to a Dairy Farm..
 We found the Perfect Spelling Curriculum..
We learned to work Independently a little bit more. 🙂
We started Kindergarten
We made apple pie, moon cake and had a restaurant. We also played colonial games in our yard.
We started a Preschool Binder.
We had our principle come to read us his favorite story!
We took some “class” photo’s.
Whew! This year has been more of a challenge than I thought!