Salt the Chips!

This morning High School Sunday School, we had the following discussion:

Tortilla-ChipsQuestion: Why are chips at the restaurants more salty than chips that you would buy at the grocery store? Why do you sometime see cooks add salt to the chips and salsa served at the local Mexican joint?

Answer. Restaurants like to make money. A great way to make money is through selling things that you drink. If there is a way to make people buy more to drink, that means more profits. They know salt makes people thirsty, so salty chips, peanuts, snack mix, etc are a great way to add profit.

  So, what if there were ways that you could “Salt the Chips” in your evangelism efforts?

Good news,  there are several ways to “Salt the Chips”. Here are just a few to get you started.

1) Show you care. Be real and show they are more than just another number. Show the love that Christ desires that we show one another.

2) Meet them where they are. Legalism says “you have to clean up before you come to Christ”. Grace says “Come unto me all that are weary and have a heavy burden”.

3) Walk the talk.  Someone who does not yet know Christ may see you as they only Jesus they know. In other words, show through your life and actions the “reason for the hope that is within you”.

My prayer is that you will take this as a challenge and a jumping off point to “Salt the Chips” and make those around you crave a relationship with Him!



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