Gods Not Dead Movie….

gods not dead

Here are a few of my thoughts, after seeing the movie a second time. I am not going to include any spoilers for the plot, in case you have not yet seen the movie.

Willie and Korrie Roberston’s testimony… Awesome.

Pointing out the girl in the hijab who puts it on only for her father. That spoke volumes about the struggles that teens deal with in many “traditional” upbringings.

There is a lot to like about this movie. Many of the reviews that you will read will take issue with finer points of theology, Honestly, the theology was in line for a “leadership level” College Freshman.

Overall I think the movie does a great job at what it is designed to do – provoke discussion. I really did not see some of the “cheese” that can show up in some Christian films. I loved the multiple “sub-stories” and what was done with them.


When the movie came to our town well after opening weekend, due to the fact of having a smaller, single screen theatre, our church purchased an entire showing. This was not intended for our church but for friends, family, people in the community, so the church could cover the cost of the tickets to bless them. The theatre manager even allowed the church to have a table with info, tracts, Life in 6 Words books,  from Dare2Share and other resources to share, connect people, and discuss with the people as they left. We were able to touch about 200 people that evening with the message of the Gospel. many that might not ever set foot in our church.

I was blessed to see what happened. It has motivated the church to continue to look at other opportunities to bless our community. We are praying for those that heard the Gospel that night…



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