Rural Ministry in a Global Society….

The other day, I was reminded of the globalization of our society when I was at the gas station. No, I am not going to be talking about any stereotypes of workers in your local gas station. I live not far from Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. Its kind of a outdoors tourist spot in this region. It gets you out of the city for a short day trip.

My family and I were getting gas at the local gas station near the park, and a pair of young men approached me and asked me if I knew much about the area. I replied that I had lived near here for six years. They proceeded to ask what are tourist attractions in the area. I shared a few of the things that may be available this time of day, and they thanked me profusely. They shared they were foreign college students attending Indiana State University. I asked where they moved here from, and they both replied “Dubai”.

Here I was, in the middle of rural Indiana, with an opportunity to share Christ’s love with people from literally the other side of the world. Yes, we are called to go and tell others about Christ in all nations, but we cannot forget that in our society, the world has also come to us, whether it is reaching out to foreign students that attend our colleges, or the people that have moved here to operate businesses in our community. They are all people with a soul that need Jesus. We are placed in their path with an opportunity to share. What will you do?


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