A Rural Church Millenial Story…

There was much to do over the release of the 2012 SBC Annual Church Profile statistics a few weeks ago. One of the most staggering stats was the fact that the SBC churches baptized very few or no Millennials or Youth in 2012 (the latest year we have statistics for…).

I was unsure just exactly how to process the numbers, aside from sharing an experience in our local church. I am not an expert on Millenials (Thom Rainer has some great insight in that area). I can share a couple things that I have observed in our local church.

1) The desire to serve and be part of something bigger than themselves.

2) The desire for older adults to come beside them and show them how to handle finances, parent, etc…

3) The desire to “take ownership” of some area their ministry service.

4) The desire for older adults to ask the tough questions.

This story from our church shares about how a young lady had a few people from our church come alongside her with the love and care to ask where her relationship with Christ stood. Be that person that shows up with a bucket of ice cream that is willing to ask if they can come in and talk.




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