Bible Study Tools I Use…

If you are just starting out in ministry, you have a few great advantages that those before you have not enjoyed. One of those advantages is the Bible study tools available to you. When I started in Youth Ministry 14 years ago, we were just starting to drift out of the age of dial-up internet access, so the tools were limited at best. Tablets and smartphones were not yet in the marketplace either.

Fast Forward to today and here are  a few tools that I use in ministry and personal study:

1) – Logos has an extensive Bible study library that you can purchase, but they also give away the base engine and a few books for free. You also can get a free resource each month for joining their mailing list. They also have apps for mobile devices that you can sync notes and highlights with.

2) – In the iOS store, this is called the Bible App. It is an excellent tool for free that has some great mobile apps with the Bible available in many languages and versions. If you have several students in your ministry with web connected devices, check into the Live Event backend for the app that allows you to put teaching notes, prayer requests, teaching videos and more at their fingertips.

3) – This was one of my first “go-to” tools, and still one that I use often. It is web-based with many languages and translations. They also have access to some great commentary resources as well.

4) Kindle App – Not specifically a Bible study resource, but the Amazon Kindle store often has great new and classic Bible studies and resources on sale or free during certain promotional periods. I have saved a lot of money just by watching for deals.

There you have it. It is a pretty simple list.

What Bible Study Tools are you using in your ministry? Share them in the comments area below!

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