Rochester Mission Team Update 1…

I am on Mission this week with a team from FBC Rockville, Indiana. Throughout the week I will be posting a few updates that you can pray with us about.

Our Team in Rochester needs your prayers. In the two days before the trip, the ethnic tension between no-image-smallthe African Americans and the Bhutanese refugees has escalated to the point that we have had to cancel the neighborhood block party that was a big part of our trip. There have been assaults, knife fights, home invasions, etc.. The Jones Park area is the “flash point of all the violence” . As I write this, I am looking across the street to the park from the Bhutanese home I am staying in.

Pray for healing in the relations between the Bhutanese and the African Americans. Pray for the safety of our team, and pray that God reveals how he is going to use the team this week to glorify Him.


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