A Purity Standard…

Those of you who watched the Foxconn feature ABC Nightline did a few nights ago like I did, saw the exacting standards that Apple subjects its suppliers to. It was the first time a US reporter had been invited to Foxconn to observe.

There was one segment that was very interesting to me… 

The reporter described the process one goes though before you can enter the production floor. You put on the static free suit (like the Intel “bunny suit”), then you go down a long corridor with air jets that blow on you removing all dust, because just one small speck will contaminate the whole line. Sounds intense.

Here is the spiritual application:
What is God’s standard of purity? Perfection. We cannot attain that on our own, so we must accept the invitation that God extends to us. We “put on the new man” as Paul writes about in Romans, and we strive to let the Holy Spirit cleanse and convict us of sin as we live our lives in preparation for eternity in Heaven with God. God cannot allow one sin into Heaven, or it would be corrupted. When man sinned, it broke that relationship with God. Only through Jesus living a perfect life, dying on the cross, and raising again three days later (Romans 10:9-10) could that brokenness be restored. Purity is an all or nothing deal. We have nothing, Christ offers us all we need. We just have to accept it and Trust in Him.

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