Things in the background…

It only looks quiet right now at MinistryPlace.Net. There are several things going on in life, ministry, and with the blog that are exciting. A lot of it are things that I see as “background issues”…. for now. Some are waiting for the right timing to be pushed to the forefront. Here are some of the things that are cooking here in Indiana:

The Parke County Fair – In a couple weeks I get to take part in one of the few times I get to see a large portion of the area populace in one place at one time (The other being Covered Bridge Festival). I make it a point for the students I work with to be intentional about seeing and capitalizing on opportunities to share Christ that WILL arise.

Rock the Bridge – The event does not happen until October, but planning is going on at a fast pace. There are some awesome things in store. Join me in praying that God will use this event to forever change the youth ministries in West Central Indiana.

Evangelism Training by Students – This is not a typo. On July 15 the students at FBC are training the Adults in evangelism in a special Sunday Morning Service. I have been in the planning meetings and can’t wait. I also pray that this is only the first step….

Other Opportunities… There are some really great things on the horizon, Hang on….

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