Guest Post: You Might Be in Rural Ministry If…From Kevin…

This guest post is from Kevin Patterson. Kevin is the Youth Pastor at FBC Dawson Springs, Kentucky. He blogs at Life in The Youth Ministry Fishbowl


Guest When I ran into Brent at SYMC and he approached me about doing some Rural Youth Ministry guest posts, I thought “Looky here boys! Good times have come our way!” (To quote Phil Robertson). But then I thought, What in the world do I know about Rural Youth Ministry? After reading Brent’s book I realized I’ve been doing Rural Youth Ministry since I’ve been in youth ministry! I just never thought of it like that. It was just my ministry setting. But it got me to thinking, what makes Rural Youth Ministry different? So I thought for my first guest post I would have a little fun, (hopefully) get a few laughs, and maybe a few haughty “Amens” from my rural Southern Baptist brethren. So here’s a list of “You know you’re in rural youth ministry if….” in no particular order:


1: If you see more of these:


than these:


2: If your more likely to see these people:Amish

than these people:


#3: If you can relate more to this TV Show:
Duck Dynasty



than this TV Show:



the bachelor


#4: You’d rather get your advice from him:





than from her:





#5: You’re more likely to be late for church because of this:






than this:





I hope you all had fun looking through those! Check back for some more serious posts and feel free to share your “You might be in rural youth ministry if…” posts.


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