An Interesting Set of Tools for Sharing The GOSPEL…

This week is the County Fair in Parke County. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to do a lot of ministry there. I will see a lot of

people that our church will probably only be able to connect with one or two other times of the year. Needless to say, intentionality of the Christ-centered message is of paramount importance!

So after a lot of prayer and brainstorming, the following ideas have stuck (in a multitude of ways…):

  1.  Offer Promotional Products that fit the budget and are likely to be used by teenagers. We decided on frisbees and BPA free water bottles.
  2. Make sure there is a connection to a GOSPEL message/presentation.
  3. Make it work for both products
  4. Make it eye-catching

The image at the right, and video below is the fruit of the ideas. Every product goes out with a label that has a QR Code (barcode for smartphones) with a link to a GOSPEL presentation, as well as a text based link (so it works on everything else). The page has tracking for views and it is also available on youtube for sharing with friends.

I wanted to keep the “cheese factor” low, so people would finish the video. I used a “non-church, non-office setting” to shoot, (it’s an old furniture warehouse facility) and I used something that would catch the attention and relevance of the community (people like cars here) to propel the message.

Pray that I hit my target!

Here is the video:




The Plan from brent lacy on Vimeo.

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