Rural Ministry: The County Fair…

A wonderful, yet challenging part of Rural Ministry is the County Fair. Ours is this week. A week full of Demo Derbies, Tractor and Truck Pulls, Animal Showings, Riding, Roping, and even ATV Drag Races!!! Wow. I will see a lot of people from our county of 18,000 people. Politicians, Businesspeople, and Organizations trying to get their point across to people will make a lot of “noise” in the environment, but there is a purpose that I am there for.

I will not be there for the funnel cakes or deep fried Snickers Bars (as good as they may be). I will be there to impact people, point them to the Cross, and engage them with the truth of the Gospel. Pray for all those in Parke County, Indiana working to do the same. This is a bigger need than one person or one church can handle, but thankfully it is not too big for the One True God to handle.

In the Words of Greg Stier,

Viva La Cause! 



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