10 best and 10 Worst ideas for Group’s “99 Thoughts” Series

Group/Simply Youth Ministry are expanding their “99 Thoughts” series a a seemingly rapid pace. I am currently reading “99 thoughts on leading well”. There is some serious potential in this series. This got me thinking about other ideas for the series – GOOD and BAD…

note: all of the 10 worst are meant in satire humor…nothing more…

10 Worst “99 Thoughts” Book Titles:

10.  99 Thoughts from a professor that teaches only because he couldn’t cut it in ministry

9. 99 Thoughts about how parents don’t really matter in youth ministry

8. 99 Thoughts on competing to win against other churches in your town

7. 99 thoughts on activities, video games, and fun as a foundation in ministry

6. 99 thoughts on how ministry comes before family

5. 99 thoughts on taking students someplace spiritually you have never been

4. 99 thoughts on using a “canned formula” to produce the best, lasting ministry

3. 99 thoughts about all the horrible things youth ministers do to church vans/busses

2. 99 thoughts about burning bridges when you leave a church

1. 99 thoughts about doing ministry with freedom from any accountability!

10 Best ideas for the “99 Thoughts” Series

10. 99 Thoughts on the impact of our culture on teens (Walt Mueller???)

9. 99 Thoughts on Relational Youth Ministry

8. 99 Thoughts on ministry to families

7. 99 Thoughts on using technology in ministry

6. 99 Thoughts on teaching an evangelism to students

5. 99 Thoughts on speaking to youth

4. 99 Thoughts on mentoring teenagers

3. 99 Thoughts on helping teens through painful sitautions

2. 99 Thoughts on healthy staff relationships

1. 99 Thoughts on living to be more like Jesus

There are my worst and best ideas… What are yours??

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