Go BIG or Go Home..for THE Cause

My church is doing an event with Brian Ford from Xposed2Jesus.com on October 14th in Rockville, IN. Brian asked me to get him a “large” Cause Circle to use as a prop. In the spirit of “Go BIG or Go Home..” one of our creative ladies at church has made this 8ft x8ft Cause Circle using Insulation board that is painted. One of the Guys in our Men’s ministry is making framework to make it freestanding.

This is going to be used at an event at Rockville HS during a festival when 500,000 plus people flood our county of 18,000 people to look at covered bridges for 10 days. I would rather them take home a memory of meeting Jesus than some old bridges…

If you are not willing to “Go BIG or Go Home..” for the cause of making disciples who make disciples, what are you willing to do?

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