10 Youth Ministry Sites That I Like…

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These are in no particular order…

10. Morethandodgeball.com – This site has many voices that contribute including guest posts from youth workers on a regular basis. You can see guest posts I have written here…

9. GregStier.org – Greg is a good friend that is passionate about seeing people come to Christ. You cannot know him from more than 30 seconds and miss that. He is also passionate about seeing teenagers train other teenagers to share Christ with others.

8. Boy Genius Report – Wait, I know you are thinking, “This isn’t a youth ministry site…” No it is not, but it will tell you the phones, tablets and gadgets your teenagers will be clamoring for in the next 6 months.

7. LifeHacker – Same as BGR, this site has helpful information that you can use to do the things you do more efficiently.

6. Dare2Share Relational and Relentless – Dare2Share’s blog is full of some great information about training your teenagers to take the Gospel to their campus, neighborhood, family, and friends. There are often videos that have great information that you can use.

5. SmallChurchYouthMinistry.com – I serve in a small church. I serve in youth ministry. Enough said.

4. YouthMin.org – This is a newer site that approaches many issues that we deal with in youth ministry. There are several writers there doing an excellent job offering diverse views. A couple of them I know personally, and are great people that love students.

3. WhyIsMarko.com – If you have not met Marko, you need to meet Marko. Great guy that has been around youth ministry for many years. He loves to point Middle School students to Jesus.

2. YouthWorkTalk.com – This blog is written by three very great people that love students and youth workers a lot. They tackle programming, efficiency, theology, and about any other facet of youth ministry you could think of.

1.Learning My Lines – This is the blog of Walt Mueller from CPYU. He talks youth culture, helping you pick apart the messages that are pushed at our teenagers every day.


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